About Us

Who We Are

CAP-AN-TAP™ is a company that values people above all else. Our goal is to break barriers. We are all broken, so our goal is to make a difference by giving opportunities that we have asked be given to us. Donating to different charities from cancer awareness to human trafficking, down syndrome, autism, our military, scholarships, and people in general. By doing this we feel that we are contributing to a world that has become divided one way or another by bringing jobs and opportunities. 

Last but not least, we are a company based on helping our environment. We use eco-friendly products from glues to using recycled materials. We at CAP-AN-TAP™ strive to make it an eco-friendly and safe environment for our children and future generations.

Our Story

This story begins with pain, failure, and success. Back in 2014, our founder Irma Polanco went through a very dark time in her life where she lost everything. With only a roof over her head, no furniture, no blankets, no clothes besides what she had on her back, no food, and only $5 to her name and just an empty one-bedroom apartment with her little dog named Hunter. 

One day while drinking some bottled water and sobbing, she threw a bottle cap out of frustration and anger. The bottlecap bounced back into her hand. She began to notice the tapping sound that the cap made when it hit the table and she becomes inspired. Irma went to a big-box store and buys yarn, googly eyes, glue, and a glue gun. Then, she went back home at 1am in the morning and created a character out of a bottle cap and yarn in what would change the rest of her life. This is when CAP-AN-TAP™ was born. After creating this character and wanting to put it in farmers’ markets, she drove down south to see a manufacturer. The CEO of the manufacturing company looked at Irma and says, “Are you stupid?” “I have no money to my name. I can give you my driver’s license, social security number, phone number, and license plate. I have no money but I will pay you,” Irma responded. In return, she said to Irma, “You need to go get this trademarked.” Irma then said again that she had no money but the CEO said, “He (the attorney) will take you.” Irma did what she said and sure enough, he was impressed and the product became trademarked after only four months. 

In 2018, she had been invited to put products in stores. At the start of this year, 2020, CAP-AN-TAP™ launched its website. Now we are a growing company where she has partnered up with different prestigious and well-known companies in Southern California as well as local and continues to grow. 

Our Founder

Irma Polanco

Irma Polanco was born in Mexico in 1964, then her family immigrated to the United States where they settled in the central valley. She is now a proud business owner of CAP-AN-TAP™ and continues to create, inspire, and achieve greatness alongside her fur baby; a little dog named Hunter. 

Our Team

Melody Campbell - Chief Technology Officer

Melody has been following Irma on her amazing journey in the last couple of years. She is a young college student who started her studies at Biola University and continued her studies at Fresno Pacific University from which she will be graduating from this spring. Melody was raised in Oakdale with her special-needs brother. She has a very passionate heart for the special-needs community and wants to give back to them, among helping make a difference in other communities and donating to various charities who truly help people.


Nina Roberts - Owner of Cups in KAOS, LLC.

Cups in KAOS was born in October 2018 while Nina was searching YouTube. She came across a tumbler tutorial that sparked her interest and she spent the next several days watching and researching videos.  She got the courage to try her very first one, which was a success. Over the next year, she honed in on her craft and has brought it to where we are today. Her love of crafting tumblers helps her relax. She loves to create the ideas of her customers.  In December 2019, she partnered with Irma Polanco, owner and creator of CAP-AN-TAP™ to form an exclusive partnership. They hope to grow this business and serve the valley through many charitable endeavors.

Nina was born in Sacramento and raised in the Central Valley.  She is a graduate of Kerman High School and is currently attending the University of Phoenix. She will graduate this fall with her degree in Business Administration. When she’s not in her office working, you can find her with her three kids (ages 14, 4 and 3) and partner, enjoying time as a family.


Josh Simas - Web and Graphic Designer

Josh graduated from Fresno State in 2020 with a degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis on interactive and immersive design. He has lived in the central valley his whole life and is proud to be a part of the fantastic Cap-an-Tap team. He is grateful for the opportunity to grow with the company and help out the local community.


Genesis Chinchilla - Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Genesis left her home country Guatemala in 2016 to live in the US. She came with her mom and two suitcases full of hopes and dreams. She attends Fresno State and is majoring in Graphic Design to pursue her dream of becoming a professional. Being a first generation student in her family has been a difficult journey for her, but she is welcoming the challenge and staying determined. She is excited to work along with the Cap-an-Tap team and is interested in helping spread Cap-an-Tap's meaningful message of helping those in need.